Paintings on Canvas
November 2011 – February 2012
Brian Elston Art + Design, Defiance OH

Brian Elston is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design.  During his study in industrial design Brian started pulling architectural and design elements into his paintings with a fascination toward drafting, blueprints and grids. Brian’s work has been exhibited by Holly Hunt Contemporary Furniture Chicago and Los Angeles, Gallery Sam San Francisco, Tojo Gallery Chicago, Chagall Gallery Edmonton. From simple to complex we are surrounded by structure every moment in life. The structure of maps, environments, buildings and spaces provide order in chaos within communities of living.

Simple structures such as the square, triangle and circle are the basis for graphics, products, buildings and environmental design. They become objects in our life that we mentally relate to provide us with order, direction and vision.

The paintings reflect visual experiences with architecture, maps and graphic patterns in urban environments. “As an observer of the world around me, I focus upon architecture, Bauhaus design, minimalism, things that catch my eye and objects I am drawn to visually. Things that have simple structure, design and form stimulate my visual senses. Visual experiences living in Chicago observing design, architecture and urban art are also reflected in my body of work.”

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