Rick Wine, Real Art

December 2013– March 31st 2014
Rick graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and was an illustrator in the Armed Forces. He resides in Eastern Ohio, near the Ohio River. He also worked for one of the largest display companies in the country.  His credentials span from being an art editor for two newspapers, to freelance artist of fine arts and commercial art.

He has spent his life painting everything from signs to portraits – realistic to abstract. “I feel the most satisfied when I paint Real Art.” His creations are called Real Art because he believes that art should stimulate and relax one’s inner self.

 “A portrait, landscape, flowers, or birds stimulate us to a degree but my art is a series of shapes and colors that portray a palette of variations. From the bright colors of the day to the dark colors of the night which creates extreme differences in our emotions. The smooth lines of a woman’s body or a rounded edge of a rose pedal to the harsh lines of a lightning bolt because extreme differences in our emotions. Most of these feelings we have are from birth. So I create as much stimulation as possible! Thus viewing my art work will produce a different stimulant or emotion every time it is viewed! If you look at my art one million times, you will see a million different things and feel a million different emotions. It’s not magic, it’s in there!”

Rick uses a variety of paints, any he can get his hands on. He is constantly looking for new paints he can integrate into his art.  Rick is inspired by Jackson Pollock and Dale Chihuly’s abstract work. Developed in layers of glosses and controlled colors Rick Wine’s art stimulates the mind and creates a new reaction each time it is viewed.

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