March 28 – April 28 2013 
Joanne EastonCincinnati OH
Empathetic thinking is the common thread behind my work as an educator, artist, and designer. I am interested in the relationships of people, places, histories and nature. My work uses layers to build reveal and explore these conceptual complexities and connections with the physicality of materials,
patterns and color. For example, my current graphite series exhausts my body as I work, while I both create and discover connections. This experiential process acts both as research and as intuitive mark-making.

I am influenced by the places I visit and where I am from. Most memories link back to growing up in Australia. For me, these memories revolve around my family, my childhood home, and the Australian landscape – especially its colors, the patterns in eucalyptus bark, rocks, tree branches, and acts of unpeeling flower buds, bushwalking, and playing in sand and creek beds.

These elements are woven into my work through exploration of marks.
The process of making the marks, knitting and weaving, counting, and meditating, gives each mark its character and each mark is made with intention. The marks are energetic metallic lines that retain a sense of
mineral earthiness and rawness. And so, the marks appear vigorous and delicate, simple and beautiful.

The materials used in my work also exhibit intrinsic symbiotic relationships that make the energy and moment of making pronounced. The simple tools used of paper and graphite become both elegant and familiar. These are some of the ways I hope the qualities of the marks and materials evoke a relationship between the engagement of the artists’ mark-making
and the viewer.

Joanne Easton is an artist, educator and designer from Oakland, CA, Sydney, Australia, Chicago, IL and Columbus, OH. She currently lives and
works in Cincinnati, OH.

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