March – April 2012
Michael is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned a BFA, he also studied at Columbus College of Art & Design and the Whitney Museum School in N.Y. Michael moved to California, where for many years he exhibited his abstract paintings widely on the west coast. Having recently returned to Columbus, Michael is presently represented by The Marcia Evans Gallery.

“The roots of my painting extend deep into the fertile soil of the New York School, of what has been historically labled “Abstract Expressionism”, as well as the Post, and Neo Expressionist movements that followed. It’s somehow appropriate then that I found common ground with the words of a noted art critic of this period, Clement Greenberg, when he succinctly stated “paint is paint, and surface is surface”. In so doing he reduced the issues surrounding painting to their lowest common denominator, and thereby, freed the artist from other unnecessary distractions.”

“Beyond paint and surface I am left with only my decisions, devices, and deceptions, in expanding the envelope of formalist constraints with which artists are confronted. To the degree that I am successful in bonding with the paint, I am able to get into the “zone” wherein I am able to explore the mysteries of my psyche, and tap the energy that resides therein.”Grid partnered with Marcia Evans Gallery to share the work of Mr. Halliday.

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