May 1 – June 30
Erin McKenna, Columbus OH

Erin McKenna was born in 1989 in Columbus, OH. She attended the Fort Hayes Commercial Arts program in high school. She is a 2012 graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design. She also completed the New York Studio Residency Program in 2011. Erin’s work often references the body in a metaphorical way whether it is through material or language.
Recently, Erin was named the 2012 Grand Award winner of the AICUO Awards for Excellence in the Visual Arts and was nominated for the Windgate Fellowship award and the International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Award. Last year she started a Fine Arts Student critique group at CCAD to promote conversation, exchange of ideas and constructive criticism among students.
I am exploring materials and their relationship to the body. The materials I use are personal and included fabric, jewelry, panty hose, nail polish, lint, and hair. In this work, the body is the ultimate relationship to things even when it has become abstracted. I am showing the body as the common denominator in how we think about things because it is something we are all familiar with. We all relate things in size and feeling based on our body and our body’s relation to other objects. My work is a metaphor and personification of material. I am making these inanimate things into something more personified by form and texture. Just like the body, materials are both functional and vulnerable. When I work with materials, especially fabric, I find myself testing the boundaries and pushing their limits. The frailness and delicacy of fabrics are similar to the quality of our skin and hair. Ultimately, by experimentation I am personifying materials and trying my best to make them come alive.

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