November 26 – January 26 2012
Zach ConeybeerColumbus OH

In his newest body of work, Meditations, Zach Coneybeer presents several dynamic abstract compositions born of the formal elements and principles of artistic creation. The works begin with no specific concept and develop out of the creative process. The paintings, however, are not akin to Automatism, where the work is created by chance and accident, but by specific and premeditated choices in the creation of each painting. He aims to create a specific quality of painting that is object and image, illusion and thing, void of subjective content. To Coneybeer, each painting is objectively a distilled composition of color and form, where the content is left for the viewer to decide. Coneybeer argues that fragmentation and desire, memory, and association mediate all visual interactions. Thus, the painting itself becomes what you see and nothing more, but the experience is how you react physically and emotionally to it. Meditations is a presentation of both process and experience where geometric landscapes of color invite the viewer to respond in his or her own individual way, ultimately adding the viewer as the final component of the work.
Zach Coneybeer was born in 1986 and is originally from southwestern Pennsylvania. He holds a BFA in Studio Art from Denison University and currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.

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