Nov 28, 2010 – Jan 30, 2011
Leah is a Columbus native and recent graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she pursued a double major in Art Education and Studio Art with a painting concentration. Leah’s paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Cincinnati and Columbus and have been published in Miami University’s Art and Literary magazines. Leah is currently working at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and continues to develop her artwork.

“My work provides a simplified, contemplative surface that allows viewers to notice specific qualities of the work, mainly texture and the subtle nuances in brushwork and tonality.  Texture also plays an important role aesthetically in contradicting typical perceptions of clouds and sky.  I want viewers to see past conventional ‘landscape painting’ and start to think about the psychological connotations of this contradiction; I want the viewer to start to question his or her own perceptions.”

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