August 29 – October 28
Brian ReaumeColumbus OH
Brain Reaume is a self-taught artist that uses nature’s effects on society and the human impact on nature as inspiration. Reaume studied women’s literature and is a writer at heart, his paintings and installations are as much about his verse as they are visual. “my goal is to tell a complete story through my work, be it abstract painting or sculpture I aim to intrigue the viewer, draw them in and open their perspective. my work has a voice and welcomes dialogue with those who take the time to delve into the layers.”

“the work that I create is intended to speak: asking the viewer questions while answering others. I want there to be dialogue, a continuous conversation so the art grows with and forms a relationship with its environment and the people surrounding it. I create work, whether 2D or 3D that one feels as if one could enter, walk into and find another world all the while finding reason for their current. I am the life that i live.

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