Grid Creators are the people and companies behind the furniture and art that Grid Furnishings carries.

Adapt – Columbus 
High Style.  Artisanal Quality.  Innovative Functionality. The co-founders of Adapt focus on highly functional furnishings while preserving the integrity of artisanship. Adapt products are custom solutions … more »

Ampersand­ – Cincinnati 
ampersand creates art, guided by the science of human perception. drawing from midwestern sensibility, east-coast ambition, and west-coast ingenuity, ampersand crafts friendly, intriguing objects that are innately familiar; … more »

Areaware – NY
What is AREAWARE ? Design product. Colorful and Unusual, A sense of the absurd, Function, Art as product?, Impulsive, Eccentric, Spirited, Mindful(but not wistful)of things … more »

Blu Dot –  MN
The three Blu Dot creators were college friends and shared a passion for art, architecture, and design. After they left college and began to furnish there first homes, they didn’t like …  more»

Chilewich – NY
Since 2000, Chilewich has designed innovative textiles for numerous residential applications, including floor mats that provided a clean modern alternative underfoot.   Sandy Chilewich, founder,  has been a leader in innovative textiles for the past three decades, also founding HUE hosiery, ladies!

Durkin Carpet Graphics –Columbus
Durkin’s work has been featured in the national publication, Best of the Best Luxury Homes.  Two of his rugs were selected for the exhibition Completely Floored, featuring antique Persian, Navajo, and artist-designed rugs, at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio… more»

EQ3 – Winnipeg        
Centered in the heart of Canada, EQ3 makes every sofa and chair by hand in Winnipeg. Choose from over 100 fabrics and leathers. They also feature customizable dining tables, coffee tables and storage solutions in a variety of sizes, colors and materials.

Forest City Fabricators – Cleveland 
Forest City Fabricators has grown from Arthur’s pure custom work to a furniture design and manufacturing company focused on modern building materials and techniques that facilitate contemporary living and support the environment … more»

Forty Four Steel – Cleveland 

Jason Radcliffe a native of Cleveland’s Westside, grew up playing with Lego’s and building models. 44 Steel was born out of Jason’s technical design background and a family history … more»

Gus*Modern – Toronto 
Gus delights in the simplicity of everyday objects. The result is furniture, accent pieces, and accessories that mix the elegant with the industrial. Mirroring the great modernists of yesterday, we strive to combine great design and practical purposes … more»

Kevin Keiser – Columbus 
Kevin originally trained in the graphic arts of industrial design and photography, the exploration of ceramics allows Kevin to work with volume and texture, as well as line, shape … more»

Kirsten Bowen –NY
Kirsten Bowen is a New York City based artist and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design.  Kirsten says, “The goal of my work is to interpret a wide range of literary expression through visual art, thereby adding a new dimension to painting.  The literal content includes lyrics, poetry and prayer on the deep and soulful side, and schedules, artificial ingredients, and side effects on the quirky side.”

Leah Kandel –  MA
“My work provides a simplified, contemplative surface that allows viewers to notice specific qualities of the work, mainly texture and the subtle nuances in brushwork and tonality… more»

Michael Hric – Columbus 
“My work (glass) draws influence from a great appreciation of nature which has astounded me since I was a child.  Simple to complex shapes, patterns, textures that all create an organized chaos within the natural world are what fuel my creativity… more»

Modern Farm Furn.Co. – Columbus

American-born and manufactured, Modern Farm Furniture Company was founded under the ideals of simple design.  Modern Farm Furniture Company was formed to provide … more»

Objeti – Cleveland 
Objeti is a Cleveland based furniture design and manufacturing company, focused on creating beautiful, honest, functional objects that are environmentally conscious and made in … more»

Pablo Designs – San Francisco
Pablo was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo, who graduated from The University of Cincinnati Industrial Design program . Embracing a less-is-more ideology, developing more practical solutions distilled down to their essence, form and light. Pablo values permanence and sustainability, and discards the disposable mindset so prevalent today. See the light!

The Bomb Factory – Cleveland 
Freddy Hill is dreadfully serious. On those rare occasions when he does lighten up, he’s usually suffocating his son with kisses. He works in a renovated bomb factory near downtown Cleveland, a city he and his wife are proud to call home.

Yellowood Design Studio – Columbus
Cori and Benjamin Rowley’s  goal is to save these beautiful axes tools from the neglected corners of barns and garages and bring them back to life.  By hand, they carefully revive and resharpen these hidden gems. Each of restored piece has a history to celebrate.

Virginia Birchfield – Mount Vernon 
Virginia graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design, with a bachelor’s of fine arts in interior design. Currently a freelance artist/designer and owner of Virginia Birchfield … more»