Michael Hric – Columbus OH

Michael is a native of Cleveland OH and an ’07 graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Glass Art and minor in Jewelry/Metals.  In 2007 he was awarded the “Niche Student Award” at the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia; his work has also been exhibited in multiple galleries in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

“My work draws influence from a great appreciation of nature which has astounded me since I was a child.  Simple to complex shapes, patterns, textures that all create an organized chaos within the natural world are what fuel my creativity. These elements are transfered into forms or shapes that I adorn with patterns by carving away surface color, revealing subsequent layers. As in nature, I feel my works grows and evolves throughout the creative process. While some works have a predetermined end, others develop and arrive on their own.”

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