Kevin Keiser Ceramic Artist – Columbus OH

Kevin originally trained in the graphic arts of industrial design and photography, the exploration of ceramics allows Kevin to work with volume and texture, as well as line, shape and color. The work starts by throwing cylinders on the wheel, the form is then altered, and a base is applied. The structure may be dropped onto an object, or be struck to achieve a shape that suggests movement, or a balance of tension and serenity. Slips and under glazes are applied providing color and texture. The work is bisque fired then glazes are applied by sponge, brush, dip, or airbrush. Some pieces benefit from second or third glaze applications and firings creating more depth within the surfaces.

“Inspiration comes through our natural environment. My studio opens onto my garden, ravine and small stream. I often spend time on the Maine coastline, walking the beach and forest trails. Found objects, worn shapes, textures, the way objects feel and their color relationships find their way into my ceramics. My desire is to create work that inspires people to notice the beauty in their environment, to provide a visual meditation of the art in our world. I hope my ceramic vessels will hold space for people, encouraging them to recognize and engage their own creative energies.”

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