Bomb Factory Furniture – Cleveland OH

I met Gabe Sutton in 2002. He’s a very talented woodworker with an appreciation of detail, amazing understanding of proportion and a great guitar collection. At the time of our introduction, I made my living as a musician, banging out power chords and pentatonic solos in the bars in and around Akron, Ohio.

Gabe and I had been friends for three years when he asked me to help him finish a kitchen job. My responsibilities weren’t much more than sweeping the floor and sanding face frames. But his enthusiasm was contagious and a month later I had my own table saw. I still love music, but my passion is working wood. I devour every book and magazine I can find, and pick the brains of every talented woodworker I meet. I don’t have a formal education in design, but sometimes I count that as a blessing. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Freddy Hill is dreadfully serious. On those rare occasions when he does lighten up, he’s usually suffocating his son with kisses. He works in a renovated bomb factory near downtown Cleveland, a city he and his wife are proud to call home.